Alla Peters, Proprietary Fibonacci Method

The proprietary Fibonacci Method was developed by Alla Peters in 2008 when she recognized that Fibonacci Ratios are the only predictive factor in the market and that they are much more accurate than indicators and fundamentals. She understood that all financial markets endure periods of correction and she was intrigued to question why, during the great collapse of 2008, stocks with solid fundamentals could lose such tremendous value so dramatically?

Alla Peters removed all the indicators from her charts and she started to re-think traditional analysis of the markets using Fibonacci Ratios and Fibonacci Retracements. Her study of Price Action identified repetitive price patterns, as influenced by identical Fibonacci Sequences. Alla Peters quickly discovered this pattern recognition was not constrained to stocks alone, but it was also ingrained in any financial market with quantifiable price action, all with unparalleled accuracy.

Alla Peters knew that The Fibonacci sequence had existed for millennia and all the numbers associated with it appear naturally in mathematics and in nature. She understood the importance of that fact, and through meticulous research crafted proprietarily test criteria, Alla Peters devised the proprietary Fibonacci Method which is applicable to any instrument, any timeframe and works on any platform. Alla teaches that market is not a chaos , but that market is preset by Fibonacci Ratios.

Alla Peters proprietary Fibonacci Method is a synergy of Price Action and Fibonacci which she has taught since 2011 to beginner traders through to hedge fund traders at Fibonacci Trading Institute. The Fibonacci Method provides a clean and logical approach to trading where accuracy and market clarity is key. Alla Peters demonstrates her proprietary Fibonacci Method in her trading room on the S&P500 and the accuracy of her application of Fibonacci can be seen on her YouTube Channel.







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