Fibonacci Mastery Course At The Fibonacci Trading Institute

Fibonacci Trading Institute will be starting their next new class on Monday May 15th and it is applicable to traders of all levels, from beginner trader through to Hedge Fund Trader. Whatever the level of experience, the Fibonacci Mastery Course will help you gain control and consistency in your trading.

Alla Peters, the developer of the Fibonacci Method teaches at the Fibonacci Trading Institute using online course materials, Fibonacci Classes and also from within her live Fibonacci trading room. What makes the Fibonacci Mastery course so much more in demand, is that the method can be traded on any instrument, any timeframe and on any platform.

The Origin Of The Fibonacci Method

Alla Peters asked herself in 2008, ‘How can stocks with solid fundamentals be collapsing so drastically’? The downturn in the markets at that time saw share prices plummet across the board. She decided to remove all the technical indicators from her charts and study price movement. What Alla discovered was that price was influenced by repetitive price patterns borne from Identical Fibonacci Sequences and this pattern recognition was not constrained to stocks alone.

This discovery motivated Alla to research more about Fibonacci and the ratios associated with it. Her work with Fibonacci Retracements soon proved that Fibonacci would also identify key turning points in any market and was in fact the only naturally predictive tool in the markets. The Fibonacci Mastery Course was developed after many years of research; by combining her knowledge of Fibonacci Price Sequences with highly accurate Fibonacci turning points.

Benefits of the Fibonacci Mastery Course

Online Course Materials – study can be performed in the trader’s own time, with full access to the online materials for the duration of their course.

Fibonacci Classes – are held every week to learn the fundaments of the method and to interact with Alla.

Guided Live S&P E-mini Trading Room – watch daily as Alla demonstrates the method and shows the accuracy of the method.

Course Options – a trader can opt for an 8-Week group course or a 16-week private mentoring course.

Portability – the Fibonacci Mastery Course allows a trader to trade any instrument, on any timeframe and on any platform with basic charting capabilities.

Fibonacci Trading Institute provides a highly accurate method for trading the financial markets. The course is applicable to all levels of trader and provides learning options to suit all traders.



Fibonacci Trading Institute- A Proprietary Fibonacci Method

Fibonacci Trading Institute offers the Fibonacci Method course for traders who participate in the financial markets and who are looking for accuracy and consistency in their trading. Based on Pure Price Action and Fibonacci Retracement levels, the course is available to traders of all levels. The proprietary Fibonacci levels are key to the method and the only naturally predictive tool in the markets. When combined with Price Action it provides a powerful method for trading the markets.

The positives of this method include:

  • Unparalleled accuracy for trade identification and management
  • Clear Trading Rules to remove trader discrimination & uncertainty
  • Portability to trade any instrument, any time frame and on any platform
  • Measured success

Fibonacci Mastery Course

The method developed by Alla Peters, is structured around her proprietary Fibonacci levels. The method does not require any indicators or software and can be traded on any platform with basic charting capabilities. The Fibonacci Trading Institute offers the course through online learning with different course options to suit the needs of any trader. Online education materials are available throughout the duration of the course and instructor led classes are held during and outside of live markets conditions.

Fibonacci Boot Camp

Traders who have taken the Fibonacci Mastery Course are given the opportunity to attend Fibonacci Boot Camp once they have graduated the course. The Boot Camp runs just a few times per year but it is a chance for graduates to learn advanced techniques – if they wish, and only after mastering the Fibonacci Method Course. Bootcamp builds on their existing education and is therefore a requisite that the student graduated the Fibonacci Mastery Course.

Fibonacci Mastery Course Options

The Fibonacci Mastery Course educates traders on how to trade Pure Price alongside Fibonacci. Traders can opt for the 8-week group course or the 16-week private mentoring course. Private mentoring students receive one on one tuition and can also attend all the group sessions if they so wish. Both options receive all the online learning materials as well as live trading room education for the duration of their course.

S&P E-Mini Fibonacci Trading Room Invitation

The Fibonacci method is demonstrated daily in the Fibonacci Trading Room. Periodically, free Trading Room access is sent out to registered traders who are interested in seeing the FTI Method in action on the live markets. Principally the method is shown on the S&P E-mini futures but it is applicable to any instrument, any timeframe and can be traded on any platform with basic charting facilities.

Fibonacci Trading Institute provides their proprietary Fibonacci Method to traders seeking a clear, consistent and accurate method of trading. The method is portable and suitable for all levels of traders, visit their website today for more information.

Alla Peters – Teaching Traders the Fibonacci Method

Could you ever imagine day trading to be an easy, consistent and accurate affair? Do you have enough confidence to Trade Pure Price Action with no indicators whatsoever? If the answer is No, then you have a golden opportunity to turn it into a ‘YES’; all you need to do is join the Fibonacci Trading Institute. Founded by Alla Peters, the Fibonacci Trading Institute teaches the Fibonacci Method to all levels of trader from beginner through to Hedge Fund Trader.

The Strategy

Alla Peters, after many hours of research and analysis of the financial markets, devised a method which utilizes Price Action for market entry and Fibonacci for market exit. Her study of the markets identified repetitive price patterns which were apparent throughout all instruments. Her research also showed that it was possible to determine highly accurate turning points in the markets using Fibonacci. Alla researched the use of Fibonacci even further and developed her own proprietary Fibonacci levels which when combined with her knowledge of price, formulated what is now known as the Fibonacci Method.

Benefits and Achievements

The Fibonacci Method provides a clear and consistent strategy for trading the financial markets. A trader is left in no doubt as to what is expected of them under all market conditions. The rule-based method allows for no trader discrimination and as such removes a lot of the emotion from trading.

The method is portable to any instrument and can be traded on any time frame and on any platform. The method is suitable for Day, Position & Option Traders, Forex Traders and also Stock Traders.

The Fibonacci Method Course

The Fibonacci Mastery Course is delivered through online training and all the necessary education materials are accessible throughout the duration of the course within the member’s area. Classes are also held in live market conditions and the fundaments of the method are taught every week.  Traders can attend as many classes as they require but are also actively encouraged to study in their own time and provide homework on the tuition they receive.

Traders can choose between a 16- week private mentoring course or an 8-week group course depending on their personal requirements. Fibonacci Trading Institute’s only desire is for a trader to succeed and with Alla Peters herself providing the education then she ensures that all student needs are met.

If you would like to trade with clarity, accuracy and consistency then visit the Fibonacci Trading Institute online today. Alla Peters, the creator of the Fibonacci Method welcomes all students from a beginner trader all the way through to a Hedge Fund Trader.

Alla Peters – Trading with Fibonacci and Pure Price Action

If you have been struggling with your trading or finding it difficult to make consistent returns in the markets then Fibonacci Trading Institute could be the answer.  Alla Peters, the founder and CEO of Fibonacci Trading Institute has been teaching the Fibonacci Method to beginner traders through to Hedge Fund traders since 2011. Her method is taught to traders and provides all the tools necessary to be successful in the markets with the correct application.

About the Institute

Fibonacci Trading Institute teaches the Fibonacci Method which utilizes Pure Price for entry and Fibonacci for exit. Alla Peters developed the Fibonacci Method in 2008 after many thousands of hours of market analysis showed that Fibonacci is the only Naturally Predictive Tool in the markets. The accuracy of Fibonacci combined with repetitive price patterns allowed her to devise the complete Fibonacci Method which she teaches in her Fibonacci Mastery course.
What it offers?


The Fibonacci Mastery Course has been designed for any level of trader to trade on any instrument, any timeframe and on any platform. The course provides live online classes, educational trading rooms and full access to online materials to provide a comprehensive learning environment.

Support is given throughout the Fibonacci Mastery course and providing evidence of learning and progress is actively encouraged.


Traders can choose to learn through 8-week group sessions or choose a 16-week private mentoring option – where they will still have access to all group sessions. It is often found that traders grasp the concepts very quickly and well ahead of the entire duration of the course. The portability of the Fibonacci Method means that it is applicable to Day, Position & Option Traders, Forex Traders and Stock Traders.


About Alla Peters

Alla Peters
works tirelessly on the markets and such is her love for Fibonacci that she developed her own proprietary Fibonacci Method. She understands that the financial markets are fraught with danger and is inspired to share her knowledge to help other traders. Her understanding of Fibonacci and its application to determine turning points in the markets with great accuracy, has lent itself to the success of the Fibonacci Method.


Alla Peters, Proprietary Fibonacci Method

The proprietary Fibonacci Method was developed by Alla Peters in 2008 when she recognized that Fibonacci Ratios are the only predictive factor in the market and that they are much more accurate than indicators and fundamentals. She understood that all financial markets endure periods of correction and she was intrigued to question why, during the great collapse of 2008, stocks with solid fundamentals could lose such tremendous value so dramatically?

Alla Peters removed all the indicators from her charts and she started to re-think traditional analysis of the markets using Fibonacci Ratios and Fibonacci Retracements. Her study of Price Action identified repetitive price patterns, as influenced by identical Fibonacci Sequences. Alla Peters quickly discovered this pattern recognition was not constrained to stocks alone, but it was also ingrained in any financial market with quantifiable price action, all with unparalleled accuracy.

Alla Peters knew that The Fibonacci sequence had existed for millennia and all the numbers associated with it appear naturally in mathematics and in nature. She understood the importance of that fact, and through meticulous research crafted proprietarily test criteria, Alla Peters devised the proprietary Fibonacci Method which is applicable to any instrument, any timeframe and works on any platform. Alla teaches that market is not a chaos , but that market is preset by Fibonacci Ratios.

Alla Peters proprietary Fibonacci Method is a synergy of Price Action and Fibonacci which she has taught since 2011 to beginner traders through to hedge fund traders at Fibonacci Trading Institute. The Fibonacci Method provides a clean and logical approach to trading where accuracy and market clarity is key. Alla Peters demonstrates her proprietary Fibonacci Method in her trading room on the S&P500 and the accuracy of her application of Fibonacci can be seen on her YouTube Channel.






Alla Peters

Alla Peters, CEO and Founder of the Fibonacci Trading Institute, has taught traders throughout the US and globally, how to trade and invest on various instruments using Indicator Free, Proprietary Fibonacci method in Fibonacci Mastery Course. Course is applicable to all types of traders from a beginner right through to hedge fund traders.

Drawing on years of experience in the financial markets and after the collapse of 2008, Alla Peters recognized that fundamentals are meaningless if they contradict price. In 2008, Alla Peters had developed a highly accurate indicator free, proprietary Fibonacci and Price Action methodology. The methodology is able to capitalize on trading opportunities using only Pure Price Action for entry and Fibonacci for exits.