Alla Peters – Trading with Fibonacci and Pure Price Action

If you have been struggling with your trading or finding it difficult to make consistent returns in the markets then Fibonacci Trading Institute could be the answer.  Alla Peters, the founder and CEO of Fibonacci Trading Institute has been teaching the Fibonacci Method to beginner traders through to Hedge Fund traders since 2011. Her method is taught to traders and provides all the tools necessary to be successful in the markets with the correct application.

About the Institute

Fibonacci Trading Institute teaches the Fibonacci Method which utilizes Pure Price for entry and Fibonacci for exit. Alla Peters developed the Fibonacci Method in 2008 after many thousands of hours of market analysis showed that Fibonacci is the only Naturally Predictive Tool in the markets. The accuracy of Fibonacci combined with repetitive price patterns allowed her to devise the complete Fibonacci Method which she teaches in her Fibonacci Mastery course.
What it offers?


The Fibonacci Mastery Course has been designed for any level of trader to trade on any instrument, any timeframe and on any platform. The course provides live online classes, educational trading rooms and full access to online materials to provide a comprehensive learning environment.

Support is given throughout the Fibonacci Mastery course and providing evidence of learning and progress is actively encouraged.


Traders can choose to learn through 8-week group sessions or choose a 16-week private mentoring option – where they will still have access to all group sessions. It is often found that traders grasp the concepts very quickly and well ahead of the entire duration of the course. The portability of the Fibonacci Method means that it is applicable to Day, Position & Option Traders, Forex Traders and Stock Traders.


About Alla Peters

Alla Peters
works tirelessly on the markets and such is her love for Fibonacci that she developed her own proprietary Fibonacci Method. She understands that the financial markets are fraught with danger and is inspired to share her knowledge to help other traders. Her understanding of Fibonacci and its application to determine turning points in the markets with great accuracy, has lent itself to the success of the Fibonacci Method.



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